Welcome to the Outback Park & Public Range. We are a full service range dedicated to
safe, convenient, family fun. We provide a clean, safe, supervised shooting range with 9
rifle and 5 pistol ranges, all of which are covered to keep you out of the weather. We also
have padded shooting tables for all lanes to provide protection for your firearms

Our facility also has a picnic area, children’s play area, and restroom facilities for family
events. We know that not everyone in your family may want to get involved in the sport of
shooting, so bring them out to watch or just enjoy the day at our facility. If they are not
shooting, they get in for free.

The Outback is also wheelchair accessible and willing to go the extra mile for shooters
with special needs.  If you have a special need just ask us.  We will do what we can to
allow you to enjoy the sport of shooting.  In our minds, everyone can enjoy the shooting
sports, we have even made special arrangements for the blind in the past.  Don't leave
anyone at home, bring them out and enjoy The Outback Park and Public Range.

Join us and find out what SAFE, CLEAN, FAMILY FUN is all about.
$20 a day
$8 for children 14 years or younger


GUN RENTALS: We offer a wide range of pistols and rifles for daily rental. We have
everything from an Armalite .50bmg to a full line of Glock Pistols, with pistol rentals
starting at $8.50 a day.

TACTICAL STEEL: The Outback Park now has steel targets from MGM.  We have a
wide variety of tactical and fun steel targets for your shooting pleasure.

AMMUNITION: Being a full service firearms dealer and range, we have ammunition on
site so that your fun never has to end

TRAINING: We offer training in all facets of firearms training.

Kansas and Florida Concealed Carry

Handgun Safety and the Fundamentals of Marksmanship

Intermediate pistol training

Advanced pistol training and tactics

Children’s firearms safety and basic shooting skills

Tactical Shotgun training


If you have a need….Just Ask


RANGE OPEN: 9:00 am until 5 PM year round        Tuesday - Sunday

Closed Monday for maintenance except holidays

(If monday is a holiday, the range is open)


TRAINING CLASSES take place on selected days for Concealed carry.  These classes may require a range
shutdown for 1-2 hours, from around  2pm - 4:30pm for qualifications.  (Varies by class size)

Contact Charles "Chuck" Harter and his staff of trained professionals at:

1 (620) 489-9407